Parenthood's Hank Rizzoli and Sarah Braverman - yes, they are not your average couple, but you can't deny the chemistry.

23rd January 2013

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Top 10 Hank scenes

BEST SCENE EVER: “I think I might love you” (Episode 15)
How incredibly cute was that scene? When Hank brought the camera for Max and when he shyly confessed his love to Sarah. My heart melted and I cried everytime I rewatch it. There is so much more to this character that it would be unbearably sad to be denied a chance to explore him even more by not bringing him back on the show next season.

1. Hank telling Drew, that it’s ok to be sad (Episode 2)

Quite a few people talked Hank down because of what he said to Sarah on the Drew situation (‘he should sleep with her best friend’) which, frankly, felt more like him teasing her.
When it came to actually talking to Drew, he showed a thoughtful and fathery side that was very likeable and Drew was more comfortable around Hank in the one scene they shared, than in all the other ones he had with Mark (who tries hard, but it is understandably hard to connect with your teacher)

2. “I am screwed” (Episode 14)
My heart broke the moment he said that. That was a truly outstanding scene. There is so much depth in Hank’s character and it is overwhelming to see him switch from being grumpy and socially akward, to those situation where he just sais what he feels and thinks. How wonderful it would be, to see him bloom again in a relationship with Sarah and how heartwrenchingly sad it would be to see her make a wrong decision tomorrow.

3. Talking to Max (Episode 1, Episode 11)
The interactions between Hank and Max are touching and entertaining. From their first meeting to their talk in the mall, it is hard to find anyone in the Braverman clan who has a similar connection to Max.

4. Asking Sarah out on a Date (Episode 12)
Now how cute was that.
The moaners said that she had to force him to take her to a date. We know thats not how it went. We know that he was surprised, but intrigued by the idea that she wanted a real date and really looking forward to it, once they set the date.

5. ‘I will never loose you’¬† (Episode 12)
And speaking of their date. It didn’t went down to well in the restaurant (a place which Sarah chose btw.), yet he didn’t let it fall apart when Sarah was sulky and hurt after her trip to Facebook. But seriously … Hank taking the rose for her on their way out, him telling her that he will never loose her and finally confessing that he can’t stop looking at her? Getting up to get breakfast the next day? I loved it all!

6. Meeting his daughter in LA (Episode 10)
From meeting her at the airport, to their talk over lunch and the heartbreaking hug before they said goodbye. She really means the world to him, and this is one big plus about Hank: He is a father, he knows what it is like and being with Sarah will not change that (or in Marks case: probably but sadly prevent it)

7. Showing up at Braverman-Manor at Christmas (Episode 11)
The gift was lovely. The speech was akward and cute … and so was the kiss. Again, although he is a bit withdrawn, Hank was always very clear on his feelings towards Sarah. Can we also note that Camille seemed pleasantly surprised when he was at the door?

8. In the Darkroom (Episode 5)
Is it wrong to kiss someone else’s fiance√©?
It’s not just about that. I’m sure if it had been the other way around #TeamMark would have applauded the courageous attempt to show his heart’s desire. Blame Hank, if you want, but blame Sarah too: for not pulling back right away, for not quitting her job or for not telling Mark the same day.

9. ‘Why’d you call me?’ - ‘Why did you answer?’ (Episode 9)
Two very simple questions, two very big statements. The scene where Sarah supports a drunk Hank on their way to the apartment was sweet too … she really didn’t have to get off his shoes and glasses, but she did.

10. ‘I wondered if you have a feeling about that?’ (Episode 13)
I liked them fooling around with Photoshop before Mark entered the shop. I liked how he akwardly asked if everthing is alright after he left. I liked jealous Hank a few days later, when Sarah came back from her coffee run.

There were so many other good moments. The mediocre Brownie-scene, the whole story about the wedding photoshoot, when he showed up at her house after the kiss where Zeek called him ‘camera guy’ and advised him to lift from the knees not the back. Their talk in the mall bar, when Sarah was the one making a move. That scene in the first episode where he offered her the job, because she was good with the schmooze or when he asked her if S/M moved up the moving-date because of the kiss.

My least favourite Hank scene? Probably the one where he and Sarah are drunk and on their way back to their rooms in LA - I felt like it didn’t need the ‘hand over the shoulder - you’re hauling me - you prevent me from falling forwards’ thing.

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