Parenthood's Hank Rizzoli and Sarah Braverman - yes, they are not your average couple, but you can't deny the chemistry.

24th January 2013

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Hank is an alcoholic!

the Hank-haters.

Really? You can diagnose him by the bits we have seen in Season 4? If those are the signs of a true alcoholic than we should enroll Crosby, Sarah, Amber and probably half the country, including most of our spring-breaking teenagers, with AA aswell.

The fact is, that we have seen him drunk twice. Drinking will not solve any problems. However, at those occasions he had to deal with the prospect/fact that the most important person in his life would be taken away from him. And we have seen him tipsy, when he came around Sarah’s parents house at Christmas to give her the present. But thats it. They have a glass of wine with their dinners/dates, but so do the other grown up Bravermans.

Even if you don’t like the character, Hank is not a bad guy!

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